About Me

I'm an assistant professor at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB) at Politecnico di Milano. I got my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano, where I was advised by Prof. Nicola Gatti. My research focuses on AI and Machine Learning, with particular emphasis on algorithmic game theory, which combines AI techniques with economic paradigms to build artificial agents capable of strategic reasoning in conflicting interactions. I am also interested in algorithms design, computational complexity, online learning and optimization.

You can find more details in my CV.

email  alberto DOT marchesi AT polimi DOT it


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    I have been awarded a PRIN 2022 grant and I am looking to hire a postdoc starting from around December 2023. Click here for more information!

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    2 Papers accepted at ICML 2023 + 1 Paper accepted at EC 2023!

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    Our paper "Simple Uncoupled No-Regret Learning Dynamics for Extensive-Form Correlated Equilibrium" (with Andrea Celli, Gabriele Farina and Nicola Gatti) has been accepted at the Journal of the ACM!

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    2 Papers accepted at NeurIPS 2022!


Conference Papers
Journal Papers


  • link Informatica B

    Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Meccanica e Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Energetica (sez. SAM-ZZZ)
    Professor during the academic years 2022-2023; 2023-2024

  • link Multi-agent Learning: From Theory to Practice

    Ph.D. in Information Technology and M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering
    Professor during the academic year 2022-2023

  • link Algorithmic Game Theory

    M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering and M.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering
    TA during the academic years 2021-2022; 2022-2023; 2023-2024

  • link Informatica A

    Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Matematica (sez. M-Z)
    TA during the academic years 2018-2019; 2019-2020; 2020-2021; 2021-2022

  • link Economics and Computation

    M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering and M.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering
    TA during the academic years 2017-2018; 2018-2019; 2019-2020; 2020-2021

  • link Game Theory

    M.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering
    TA during the academic year 2019-2020


  • person Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    I am looking for a postdoctoral research fellow to join my team at Politecnico di Milano and contribute to research in online learning and computational game theory. This is a fully funded, full-time research opportunity that does not involve any mandatory teaching duties. The contract duration for this position is expected to be 12 months. I offer a competitive salary, and applicants from outside Italy may have the opportunity to benefit from a researcher taxation scheme. This position is made possible through a collaborative research grant shared with Bocconi University. The successful candidate will be based at Politecnico di Milano working under my supervision, and they will also have the opportunity to closely collaborate with Andrea Celli's group at Bocconi University. The research project considers topics at the intersection of online learning and computational game theory. The primary objective of the project is to delve into the challenges of steering the collective behaviour of no-regret learners towards specific target outcomes. The project is a natural continuation of some of my recent research. Ideal candidates should have a track record in performing top-quality research in machine learning theory/computational game theory compatible with the standards of venues like EC, ICML, and NeurIPS. Demonstrated past experience with such topics will be evaluated very positively.
    If you are interested in this postdoctoral position and seek further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at alberto.marchesi@polimi.it. Please attach an up-to-date CV including a list of publications.